Our history

Zion, Synek & Associates was established in January of 1991. The history of Zion, Synek & Associates is built upon a tradition of service, technical expertise, and innovative thinking to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. The experience and academic credentials of our partners and team provide our clients with the expertise of larger firms, while our commitment to superior customer service offers a personal, one-on-one approach.

Our mission: to help people attain financial peace and freedom

For our clients, we will act at all times in accordance with the highest standards of ethical conduct. We strive to be a Firm providing outstanding client service in the accounting industry. We will strive to assure that our clients are proud to be represented by us. Finally, we will be innovative in our service line development and will be guided by the principal purpose of increasing the net worth of our present and future clients. The services offered by the Firm will be clearly defined, highly structured, and priced in accordance with the value they represent to the client.

For our team members, we will strive to provide opportunity to all for the pursuit of professional, personal and spiritual goals. Professionally, only the best candidates will be hired as team members. They will be proud to be part of the Firm and will benefit from above average compensation, an excellent and enjoyable working environment, an opportunity for professional advancement and personal growth, and involvement in the decision-making process within the Firm. We will strive to assure a high level of trust and mutual respect among all team members and clients. The culture will be positive, supportive, challenging, and open where politics is absent. Every team member will understand and subscribe to the Firm's vision and the role they play in accomplishing that vision. team members will be encouraged to pursue goals that are important to their personal and spiritual happiness and the Firm will fully support those endeavors.

For our community, we will strive to be an excellent corporate citizen and an asset to the area we serve. We recognize and accept the challenge to assist others beyond our clients and team members. Our involvement will always focus on the building up of our community for the benefit of all.

For our partners, we will place the welfare of the Firm and that of its clients above any self-interest. The philosophy of the partners will be that they will be rewarded only to the extent that the Firm provides value to the clients it is privileged to serve. Complete respect for clients, team members and community will be the partners' charge. The financial stability and future of clients, team members and community is entrusted to the partners and they will always act in the best interest of these parties.